Mathtastico! 4th Grade Math Bundle Unit 12 Measuring Angles


  • 4.7C You determine the approximate measures of angles in degrees to the nearest whole number using a protractor.
  • 4.7D Draw an angle with a given measure
  • 4.7E Determine the measure of an unknown angle formed by two non-overlapping adjacent angles given one or both angle measures.


Mathtastico! 4th Grade Math Bundle Unit 12 Measuring Angles

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Mastering Angle Measurement with Mathtastico!

Are you ready to conquer the world of angles? Look no further than Mathtastico! 4th Grade Math Bundle Unit 12. With this comprehensive bundle, your students will become true masters of measuring, drawing, and determining unknown angles. Let’s dive into the captivating features that make Mathtastico! the ultimate tool for angle exploration.

Vertically Aligned Pre-Assessments for Targeted Learning

Every journey begins with a solid foundation. Mathtastico! provides vertically aligned pre-assessments that accurately measure your students’ current understanding of angle concepts. By identifying knowledge gaps right from the start, you can personalize instruction to meet the unique needs of each student. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all teaching and embrace targeted learning that fosters growth and progress.

Problem-Solving & Daily Spiral Reviews: Ignite the Problem-Solving Spark

Mathtastico! understands that true learning happens through active engagement. That’s why our bundle includes problem-solving activities and daily spiral reviews that challenge students to apply their angle measurement skills in real-life scenarios. Watch as your students become problem-solving superstars, developing critical thinking skills and gaining confidence with each solved puzzle. With Mathtastico!, math becomes an exciting adventure!

High-Quality Instructional Material for Unparalleled Teaching

Discover the extraordinary benefits of incorporating Mathtastico! into your classroom. Crafted by high-performing teachers with years of successful classroom experience, this math bundle provides you with a research-based, high-quality curriculum that aligns with state standards. Elevate your teaching to new heights and witness the transformation in your students’ mathematical abilities.

Unlock Potential, Nurture Independence

Mathtastico! believes in empowering students to take control of their own learning. With our engaging activities and self-directed lessons, students become active participants in their education. By monitoring their own progress and learning at their own pace, they develop crucial skills such as self-discipline, goal-setting, and perseverance. Mathtastico! sets the stage for students to become confident, independent learners who can conquer any mathematical challenge.

A Comprehensive Solution for Educators

As an educator, your time is precious. Mathtastico! understands this and offers a complete package to facilitate your planning and instruction. With pre-assessments, checkpoints, practice assessments, and assessments for monitoring student growth, you’ll have all the tools you need at your fingertips. Moreover, Mathtastico! is designed to support virtual instruction, ensuring that you can seamlessly transition between in-person and online learning environments. We’ve got you covered!

Preparing Students for Success: STAAR 2.0 Ready!

The path to success starts here! Mathtastico! is meticulously designed to prepare your students for the challenges of STAAR 2.0 Questions. With our comprehensive resources and engaging activities, your students will develop the necessary skills and confidence to excel in their assessments. Say goodbye to test anxiety and hello to triumph!

Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom

Mathtastico! recognizes the importance of seamless learning, both inside and outside the classroom. Our bundle includes homework assignments that reinforce classroom learning, enabling students to practice their angle measurement skills at home. Parents and guardians become partners in education, supporting their child’s growth and fostering a math-rich environment. Mathtastico! creates a bridge between school and home for continuous learning success.

Transforming Learning with Technology

In today’s digital age, technology is a powerful tool for learning. Mathtastico! harnesses the potential of technology to engage students in interactive activities that enhance their understanding of angle measurement. From virtual manipulatives to online games, our bundle makes learning math an immersive and enjoyable experience. Empower your students to embrace technology as a learning tool and unlock a world of possibilities.

Save time on planning! This math bundle INCLUDES:

  • Unique Design and Content
  • Vertically Aligned Pre-Assessments
  • Problem-Solving & Daily Spiral Reviews
  • TEKS and Other State Standards based
  • Formative/Summative Assessments
  • Independent and Guided Practice
  • Interactive Games and Activities
  • Homework Assignments
  • Super STAAR 2.0 Questions
  • Interactive Activities

Why purchase STEAMspirations Products?

  • Created by High Performing teachers that have years of successful classroom experience
  • Includes Lessons that are aligned to state standards
  • Provides pre-assessments, checkpoints, practice assessments, and assessments that help measure and monitor student growth and progress
  • Empower students to monitor their own progress, learn at their own pace, and become self-directed
  • Provides students with engaging activities
  • Provides at-home support
  • Empowers students to use technology as a learning tool
  • Helps identify student gaps (pre-assessment) for targeted learning through pre-assessments
  • Facilitates planning
  • Provide high-quality instructional material for high-impact tutoring
  • Prepares students for STAAR 2.0 Questions
  • Have a plan in place that supports virtual instruction

If you’re looking for a research-based high quality and engaging Math Curriculum, then please check out our Mathtastico! Lite resources. These are custom tailored for the amazing teachers educating the children of tomorrow. Please check out all of our resources and share with your colleagues so that we can continue to create great resources for our teachers.


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