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A blog for educators, parents, and everyone interested in STEAM education and what is trending. Our goal is to inspire you to continue to grow and be innovative in the classroom, the office, and even the home!

4 Ways to Improve the Social & Emotional Well Being of Students

The school is a vitally important facility for the public that serves society and molds it into a better shape and a brighter tomorrow. All …

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Steps to Implementing the Engineering Design Process

Designing is all about turning an abstract idea into a physical reality. It involves a series of steps that help in finding the solution to the …

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A STEAMspired Approach to Learning

Implementing best practices in STEAM education is one of the most effective approaches in creating an environment where students are actively engaged and can learn …

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The Melody of Instruction

I was in utter amazement. I had never walked into such an interesting classroom. What I saw that day began to shape and change how …

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The Key to Success in Learning

Sadly, a funeral was held today. Not physically, but figuratively. A death took place to an idea, to learn something new, to be excited about …

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Fostering a Growth Mindset in Students

Sitting at a desk in a classroom is a student whose world just collapsed. She recently received news that her mother was diagnosed with cancer, …

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