100 Number Pops: Interactive Math Manipulatives Learning Toy + Activity Book

Engage children in the exciting realm of mathematics with Number Pops, the interactive math learning game. Foster critical thinking, reasoning skills, and logical thinking while having fun with this durable and safe toy. Amplify the learning experience with big size bubbles, and enjoy stress relief through satisfying popping action. Discover the fascinating world of math manipulatives today!

  • POP & Learn up to 100 – This massive, vibrant pop-it is an excellent educational tool for children of all ages
  • Students can play as they learn how to count up to 100. Use the Pop & Learn tool to skip count, count by multiples, add and subtract
  • Students will develop number sense as they complete different activities using this tool.
  • Teachers can incorporate the Pop & Learn tool into various daily lessons and small group activities
  • The Pop & Learn up to 100 toy is made of silicon and it is safe for any child that is three years and older
  • The dimensions of the toy are 20cm x 20cm (8in. x 8 in.)


Explore the Exciting World of Math Manipulatives

Introducing the all-new Number Pops: Interactive Math Learning Game! This captivating board game is not just your average toy; it’s an interactive learning tool designed to engage children in the fascinating realm of mathematics. With its innovative design featuring 1-100 numbers, this game opens up a world of possibilities for educators and parents alike.

Spark Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning

Number Pops takes math learning to a whole new level. By incorporating a wide range of mathematical concepts, this game encourages children to think critically, reason strategically, and develop their mental arithmetic skills. Whether they’re identifying prime numbers, practicing multiplication tables, or solving equations, the possibilities are endless. Watch as their confidence in math grows while they have a blast playing with this unique learning tool.

Foster Logical Thinking and Fine Motor Skills

Not only does Number Pops stimulate mathematical thinking, but it also enhances logical reasoning and fine motor skills. Players engage in a thrilling challenge as they strategically press down bubbles in a single row. The goal? To avoid being the one who presses down the last bubble. This gameplay not only sharpens their logical thinking but also strengthens their fine motor skills as they press each bubble with precision and control.

Amplify the Fun with a Big Plus Size

Get ready for an explosion of fun with the Big Size Number Pops! Unlike its smaller counterparts, this enlarged version measures 20cm by 20cm, making it perfect for adults and children to play together. With 100 bubbles to pop, the possibilities for gameplay are expanded, creating more ways to play and more fun to be had by all.

Effective Stress Relief for All Ages

Number Pops isn’t just a game; it’s also a powerful stress-relieving tool. The enlarged bubbles and satisfying popping sensation provide a tactile and auditory experience that effectively relieves anxiety and stress. Whether you’re a child, an adult, or someone seeking sensory stimulation, the “Pop, Pop, Pop” sounds and the soothing touch of the bubbles will help restore your emotions and bring a sense of calm.

Durable Construction for Long-lasting Play

Number Pops is built to withstand endless popping action. Made from high-quality silicone, this game ensures durability and longevity. Simply press down the bubbles, and they make a slight popping sound, similar to cracking knuckles. The best part? The noise level is minimal, allowing for enjoyable play without distracting others around you.

Safe and Non-Toxic Materials

When it comes to children’s toys, safety is of utmost importance. Number Pops prioritizes your child’s well-being with its use of high-quality silicone. This material provides a comfortable touch and is completely non-toxic and tasteless. Rest assured that playing with Number Pops will not cause any harm to humans or pets. Plus, this push pop fidget toy can be repeatedly pressed for a long time, ensuring endless hours of safe and enjoyable play.

Weight .16 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 cm

2 reviews for 100 Number Pops: Interactive Math Manipulatives Learning Toy + Activity Book

  1. Tara

    This product provides an enjoyable and effective method for my children to practice their multiplication tables, whether independently or together.

  2. Ilya

    Love the colors. Great counting and teaching tool for kids.

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