Montessori Mathematics Game | Wooden Number Counting Stick & Calculation Cards | Preschool Learning Toy


  • Perfect learning tool for students of all ages!
  • Practice simple mathematical operations, such as counting and adding, Enhance the fine motor skills of children and improve number recognition, and hand-eye coordination. 
  • Easy to use, portable, and can be used for various math concepts.


Our Master Counting and Adding Set is a great tool that will keep students engaged in math! Use flashcards and wooden colored numbers to help students learn how to represent numbers and how to add. This math set can stimulate the creativity and imagination of your students. You can teach counting and adding with the set in various ways. Use the wooden sticks to count and add and to improve the fine motor skills of your kids. This product contains 30 long cards(15 pieces Addition and 15 pieces Subtraction. Each card has a math question on both sides ), 10 square cards, 100 wooden sticks, 10 wooden number blocks(from 0 to 9), and 1 pen.

Discover the Magic of Mathematics with Engaging Calculation Cards

Unleash the power of learning through play with our Mathematics Game Addition and Subtraction Game. This captivating set of math calculation cards is designed to inspire curiosity and excitement for early learning. With its vibrant colors and interactive design, your little one will embark on an educational adventure like no other.

  1. Math Made Fun: Our colorful calculation cards are the perfect tool to introduce your child to the world of numbers. They will develop number recognition skills, practice counting, and master basic addition and subtraction. Each card is thoughtfully illustrated to capture your child’s imagination and make learning a delightful experience.
  2. Self-Correcting Puzzles: Say goodbye to frustration and hello to confidence! Our self-correcting calculation cards ensure that your child can independently check their answers, boosting their sense of achievement and motivation to learn. The set includes fifteen addition cards, fifteen subtraction cards, and ten counting cards, offering a comprehensive learning experience.
  3. Montessori-Inspired Learning: We believe in the power of hands-on learning. Our Mathematics Game follows the principles of the Montessori educational approach, promoting active engagement and sensory exploration. Through the tactile experience of matching wooden number counting sticks with the calculation cards, your child will develop a solid foundation in mathematics while having a blast.

Building Strong Foundations: Early Math Skills Made Easy

Give your child a head start in mathematics with our Mathematics Game Addition and Subtraction Game. This versatile learning tool is designed to nurture their early math skills and unlock a world of possibilities. Watch as their confidence soars and their love for numbers grows.

  • Number Sense Mastery: Our game provides the perfect opportunity for your child to grasp the concept of number sense. By visually seeing the calculations and counting the sticks, they will develop a deep understanding of how numbers work together. Whether it’s addition or subtraction, your little one will feel empowered to solve equations with ease.
  • Count, Sort, and Pattern: Beyond mathematics, our game offers endless possibilities for exploration. It doubles as a tool for color sorting and pattern recognition, stimulating your child’s cognitive development. From identifying colors to creating patterns, this game encourages creativity and critical thinking skills.
  • Enhancing Fine Motor Skills: The benefits of our Mathematics Game extend beyond math itself. The act of manipulating the wooden number counting sticks enhances your child’s fine motor skills. As they pick up and arrange the sticks, their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities are honed, setting the stage for future academic success.

Safe, Durable, and Enriching: A Gift for Lifelong Learning

Invest in your child’s education and give them the gift of our Mathematics Game Addition and Subtraction Game. Crafted with safety and durability in mind, this educational toy will be cherished for years to come. Watch your child’s confidence soar as they embark on a journey of learning, exploration, and imagination.

  • Premium Quality Materials: Our Mathematics Game is made from high-quality wood and sturdy cardboard, ensuring its longevity and safety. The wooden number blocks are meticulously polished, free from sharp edges that could harm your child. They are perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and prevent accidental swallowing, providing peace of mind for parents.
  • Enriching Learning Experience: The game goes beyond numbers and calculations. By matching numbers with animal pictures based on shape and color clues, your child’s learning experience becomes multi-dimensional. Not only will they master basic math concepts, but they will also expand their vocabulary and knowledge of animals. Learning becomes an adventure filled with joy and imagination.
  • A Gift of Imagination: Immerse your child in a world where learning and imagination collide. Our Mathematics Game sparks their creativity as they explore the animal-themed illustrations and create stories around them. From counting a herd of elephants to adding up the spots on a ladybug, your child’s imagination will soar while their math skills flourish.
  • Fun and Educational: Learning should never be a chore, and our Mathematics Game ensures just that. With its engaging and interactive nature, your child won’t even realize they’re learning. They’ll be too busy having fun, matching numbers, and solving equations. It’s the perfect blend of entertainment and education that will keep them hooked and eager to learn more.
  • Suitable for Boys and Girls, Ages 3 and Up: Our Mathematics Game is designed to be enjoyed by both boys and girls, making it a versatile and inclusive learning tool. Whether your child is just starting their mathematical journey or looking to reinforce their skills, this game is an ideal companion. It adapts to their level of understanding, providing a seamless learning experience.

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