The Key to Success in Learning

Sadly, a funeral was held today. Not physically, but figuratively. A death took place to an idea, to learn something new, to be excited about a future career, business. Dreams were not accomplished, goals were never met, a full potential was never reached, because boredom does kill.

It kills ideas, it kills visions, creativity, diversity in thinking, and eventually futures. Now more than ever, we need educators that will be innovative and catapult students into becoming great and pursuing their aspirations, and there is a shift in education that is taking place. In this article, I want to talk about 5 tips that lead us into this direction.

1 Less Is More

“Micro-learning” or “bite-sized learning” is a thing of the 21st century, especially in eLearning. Lessons that are short, straight to the point, and are easily accessible are effective. Why are they so effective? For one, it forces us as teachers to synthesize information, cut through the fluff, get to the point and present what is most important.

Secondly, it enhances student retention. The brain can only stay engaged for so long. Information that is presented in a manner that is concise, will more than likely be remembered than when it is not.

2 Build Relationships

We tend to do things for people that we like. We have all had that teacher, leader or boss that we simply don’t get along with, and we tune them out and are reluctant to work with them. Take the time to know your students, their interests and families. You will be able to better personalize instruction and they will listen to you.

3 Give Students Choices

An environment where students are allowed choices will definitely increase engagement. When varied topics are presented to students, and they can select the ones that they are most interested in, or the mode of learning they prefer, they will be more excited about learning.

4 Integrate Technology

We are teaching a generation of students that were raised on technology. They are tech savvy and mobile devices are a part of their everyday lives. The integration of technology in the classroom is like inviting a best friend to play with students, they will definitely stay engaged.

5 Stay Positive

Staying positive is vital for student engagement. When a teacher is approachable, friendly, and welcoming, an environment is created in the classroom where students feel safe. Staying positive means seeing the best in your students, allowing them to fail and make mistakes, and believing in them. Staying positive communicates to students that they are important, they are valued, and that they matter, and this investment is huge in engaging students through everyday lesson and activities.