7 Qualities of Life-Changing Teachers

It was my first day sitting at a desk in a first-grade class that was completely new to me. Everything was new that year. I was living in a home that was not familiar. I was waking up to a room that seemed strange to me, and now I sat in a chair not knowing anyone as I patiently waited for all the students to arrive for the first day of school. I felt a little nervous, none of the faces I saw were familiar, I did not recognize one soul in that room, but I was also happy. With newness comes excitement, and I was looking forward to making the best of the day.

When all the students finally arrived, Mrs. Herrera, our teacher for that year, introduced herself. That would be the beginning to one of the best years I ever had as a student. Paradoxically, with all the changes, struggles, and challenges that were going on at home, I would go on to be one of the best students in her class. So in honor of her, and all of the beautiful memories I have of being in her classroom, and the many educators that I have had the pleasure of working with over the past years, I would like to write about 7 qualities that life-impacting teachers like Mrs. Herrera have.

1.     Caring

Teachers that have an impact on students are caring. They create an environment where students are respected, where they are trusted, and where they feel safe.

2.     High Expectations

Teachers that are influential have high expectations of their students. They set goals for them and hold them accountable. They are consistent with what they expect from students because they want was is best for them.

3.     Supportive

The sky is the limit when students understand that they are supported. One of the greatest investments that a teacher can make in their students is to work alongside them and help them meet their goals. This foster an environment where students are supported and where they can experience growth.

4.     Great Listeners

A great quality that life-changing teachers have is that they are good listeners. They listen to better understand and empathize with their students. As they take the time to listen, they get to know their students better and understand various situations that they are going through.

5.     Patient

Some of the best teachers I have met are extremely patient. They are forgiving, are not reactive, and give students many chances. Being patient is a challenge, however, it is a quality that helps students grow.

6.     Love Students

Granted that every teacher has a different way of expressing their love towards students, the best teachers are those that genuinely care about them. They care about the well-being of every student and communicate that to them consistently.

7.     Are Passionate

Teachers that are passionate inspire students to learn. One of greatest qualities a teacher can have, is to be passionate. A teacher that is passionate about what is being taught, with ease grabs the attention of students, and influences them to do their best.

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